Site Rules


  • The park is open between 1st March and 31st October.
  • The park speed limit is 5mph.
  • Each caravan is allowed 1 CAR only on pitch.
  • Visitors cars and all commercial vehicles must park on the main car park.
  • Vehicle movement is discouraged on site between 12pm and 7am.
  • There is no admittance to any work-related buildings on the caravan park.
  • Dogs shall be on a lead at all times and exercised off site.
  • Dog fouling shall be cleared by the dog walker immediately.
  • Owners are responsible for the behaviour of all persons visiting or using their caravan.
  • Children are the responsibility of parents/guardians and are to be supervised whilst on the caravan park e.g. playground/toilet block etc.
  • No one is permitted to ride bicycles/scooters on the park roads.
  • For the peace and enjoyment of all customers please keep noise to a minimum between 11pm and 8am.
  • Nothing shall be stored under the caravan.
  • All gazebo covers must be removed and stored away when not in use.
  • Electric meter boxes must be adequately accessible and failure to power supply is only to be reset by park staff.
  • Gas bottles must always be accessible to park staff. They must not be locked in boxes.
  • No open fires, fireworks or Chinese lanterns are allowed on site at any time.
  • It is the responsibility of the caravan owner to drain down or organise drain down with a qualified plumber at the end of the season, not the park staff.
  • All rubbish must be bagged and placed in the skip. Only general household waste can be placed in the skip. Any furniture, white goods, building materials etc must be disposed of offsite. Anyone disposing of non-general waste in the skip will either be invoiced for its removal or if conveniently accessible waste will be returned to customer. No waste of any description is to be deposited in the orchard/fields around the caravan park.
  • The manager must approve all works to be carried out at the pitch e.g. decking, fencing, storage/bunkers etc. Sheds are not permitted and a maximum of 2 storage boxes only. Please speak to management regarding size, material etc. Any changes at council level may overrule any preceding allowances.
  • Trimming/pruning of trees can only be carried out by park staff. Metal is not to be inserted into trees and trees cannot be used to support any structures.
  • The owner is responsible for keeping the grass under and around their caravan neat and tidy. Cuttings can be placed in designated area and nowhere else.
  • The owner is responsible for keeping their caravan and the surrounds clean and tidy.
  • Do not dispose of wet wipes, sanitary towels, oil etc down sinks or toilets.
  • The owner shall keep the caravan insured and provide copy to management when requested.
  • The park shall not be liable for any accidents, loss or damage.
  • A set of caravan keys must be supplied to management in case of emergency.
  • Park management must be informed if any change of contact e.g. address, phone number etc.
  • The caravan shall only be used by the owner and their immediate family. Visitors must identify themselves to the manager on arrival.
  • Subletting is prohibited.
  • Owners must have a residential address elsewhere. EVCP business address must not be used for customer’s postal requirements. No post, except for permanent residents and park business post, will be accepted and returned to post office.
  • Ground rent must be paid in advance and all other bills are due on presentation and shall be paid within 14 days or penalties shall be applied. Disconnection charge shall be charged at £50-00 and reconnection charged at £50-00. If debts are not cleared after 28 days, you may be asked to leave the park and interest charges at 2% over base rate shall also be applied.
  • When an owner gains permission to sell their caravan on the park the transaction shall be managed by the park owner/manager.
  • The sale price for the caravan shall be set by the park owner.
  • Sales commission of 15% of the sale price plus VAT at the prevailing rate shall be paid by the owner.
  • Where the sale price is set at £5000-00 or less then sales commission shall be paid on a value of £5000-00.
  • Caravans over the age of 20 years (date of manufacture) cannot be sold or transferred.
  • Ground rent shall continue to be paid on caravans that are for sale.
  • Debts associated with a caravan shall be discharged before a new owner can take possession.
  • The owner is prohibited from transferring ownership into another name except by marriage.
  • Where the Park Owner decides a caravan is not suitable for resale a scrapping fee of £400-00 plus VAT shall be paid for the removal of the caravan.


  1. 5 MPH Speed Limit at all times
  2. Only one car per pitch; any extra vehicles to be parked on top car park with management permission
  3. No washing of vehicles, motorhomes, or caravans on site
  4. No parking on Tourers Access Roads at any time
  5. Tourer’s vehicles are not allowed to park by the Toilet Block or park in Static Parking Areas
  6. Tourers are responsible for the behaviour of their visitors
  7. Visitors’ vehicles are not allowed on the touring field
  8. Children must be supervised at all times. No small children allowed at the toilet block without an adult
  9. No one is allowed to ride bicycles/scooters/skateboards on the park roads
  10. No Ball Games except at play area and in field
  11. Only Breathable ground sheets can be used
  12. Chemical toilets/buckets must be emptied in the Chemical Disposal Point and not in the toilet block and wastewater put down the designated grey wastewater drain and not on the grass
  13. No washing of cutlery, pots, pans, plates in toilet block, only in designated wash area
  14. All rubbish must be bagged before placing in Skip. Only general household waste can be placed in the skip. Any furniture, whitegoods, building materials etc. must be disposed of off-site. Anyone disposing of non-general waste in skip will either be invoiced for its removal or if conveniently accessible waste will be returned to customer. No waste of any kind can be deposited in orchard/fields around caravan park
  15. No washing lines or gazeboes are allowed
  16. Evesham Vale Caravan Park business address must not be used for customer’s postal requirements. Post will not be accepted and returned to the post office
  17. There is no admittance to any work-related buildings on the caravan park
  18. A maximum of two dogs per pitch is permitted. Dogs must be kept on a fixed length lead no more than 6 foot and must be exercised away from the caravan park
  19. Any dog fouling on site must be removed immediately or the owner will be asked to leave the site and no refund given
  20. Dogs are not allowed in the toilet block
  21. If tents are over 7 metres by 5 metres, there will be a charge for two pitches and for two electric hook ups if required
  22. There is a maximum of 5 people allowed with tents up to 7 x 5 metres and maximum of 10 people for tents over this size
  23. Please respect your neighbours by keeping the noise down between 11pm and 8am. Vehicle movement on site is discouraged between 11pm and 7am
  24. Free standing BBQs are allowed. No campfires, fire pits, fireworks or Chinese lanterns allowed on site at any time
  25. If leaving park for whole day, please leave a contact number in case of emergencies
  26. No use of recreational drugs on the park at any time
  27. Inappropriate behaviour will be dealt with in a 3-step approach: -

   28. Bank holiday bookings must be a minimum of 3 nights

   29. Pitches must be paid for in full prior to arrival

   30. Only one EHU per pitch is permitted

   31. Seasonal pitches must be paid one month in advance

   31. Caravan/tent/motorhome arrivals from 1pm

   32. All caravan/tent/motorhome departures by 12pm

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